DPG Consulting is organized in flexible way in order to support both important projects and small specialized projects.

  • To reach easily the project target
  • Reply efficaciously and quickly to the business request
  • Pay per use
  • Put specific resources at disposal of technical skill basis
  • Reduction of resources and structural costs, directs and indirects

Offer Service

Three dimensional mechanical engineering and industrial design
  • Preliminary technical data definition
  • Preliminary industrial design (style)
  • Final industrial design (style)
  • Project feasibility study
  • Avant-project
  • Detailing & Drafting
  • Design & CheckingTools Design
  • Final prototype
  • Computerized Calculation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Industrialization
  • Cost analysis
Technical consulting and logistical supply for enterprises

Technical Services

All phases of the project are carried out keeping in mind the objective of affordability and producibility of the details, in addition to the requirements of the customer specifications

The finished product is a function of the technological choices of production adopted in the preliminary stage, we can already determine recurring and non recurring costs of the equipment needed for manufacture.

The experience and expertise gained by our staff in the course of the years of work in the industrial sector allows us to support our customers throughout the entire production cycle, from the protype stage to that of industrialization

Rapid prototyping

Advantages of rapid prototyping

The rapid prototyping offers from traditional techniques of machining because while these operate by removal of a block that contains inside the form that you want to get, the techniques rapid prototyping operate on a conceptual basis inverse, i.e. by adding slices of material (layered manufacturing)

This method offers the possibility to obtain complex shapes that are impossible to achieve with traditional technologies

Research & Development

We are attentive to technological developments and applications of new products

DPG Consulting is careful and consulting in this field of research and development time to study and application of new materials and in the new technologies.

We invest in financial and human resources in the study of technological innovations aimed at improving processes and products, preferring those "green" design solutions with low environmental impact.


Why do company quality?

The answer to the question can be summarised as foolws:

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